Saturday, October 13, 2007

A day of educational, enjoyable fun at RGPS

I have got to get a trolley. That's a lesson from the RGPS experience. The trolley will be able to transport my stuff, including my clay handicraft work to the desired destination.This is especially so when i will have my exhibits in acrylic cases.

Anyway, the girls were really a creative lot. Very obviously, the school has inculcated this wonderful right-brain desired value in them. Judge for yourself. All i had to do was to demonstrate the basic techniques, which are quite different from conventional clay (except for the kneading part) and they took it from there. Thanks to the models featured here. They looked like they have genuinely and authentically enjoyed themselves, right? Even the teachers are into clay now. (Officially, they paid for the clay);-)

I must thank the teacher-in-charge, Faith, for making this possible. She even took orders for the clay and collected money. Thanks Faith!

Friday, October 12, 2007

By faith, all things are possible

Yes, this is what i experienced so very recently: Trust in God the gifts that He has given me and He will show me what to do with it. He is the Creator so He knows best. He knows my frailties and strengths. So when i entrust Him with my future, and trust that He will lead me to the most personalised way and the 'bestest' way ever, He will deliver and not disappoint.

Striving and self-effort will be the only way to destroy and frustrate God's plan. Flowing with the leading of the Holy Spirit will get me to the plan that He has set for me.

I love you Father, for the work that you are doing in my life.
I love you for speaking to me and,
I love you for showing me your love when i needed the assurance.
I love you for being the comfort when my mother died and
I love you for giving me the strength when sometimes the plethora of circumstances disappoint me.
I love you for the blessings of family.
But most of all -
I love you for YOU ARE THE PERFECT POTTER; and

i am the clay

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


One of the biggest advantages of Jumping Clay, one of the many types of air-dry clay in the current market, is the vibrant colours, the versatility and convenience of mixing the colours you require.

Just mix the colours as if they are poster colours and PRESTO! The resultant colour magically appears.

It might take some practice to get the exact shade and hue you desire but in the process one learns the joy of playing with colours.

Just relax and enjoy the process.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

HOT off the press

1. Pink Panther (full-bodied) 2. Pink Panther (half-bodied) 3. Mother and Child (Dog) 4. Dog Family. 5. Tigger beside Cactus plant 6. Cow talking to Bird