Monday, August 1, 2011

Cultivate your passion!

It is interesting that with every birthday, the text in my post has become longer. Perhaps, it is the gradual de-censoring of my thoughts and feelings. Perhaps it is the gradual and personal revelation which matters more and more to me. To be true to myself.

Today is August 1,2011. I am getting somewhere and yet at a snail's pace in the direction where i want to head towards. Drips and draps of official opportunities in cultivating my passion. My thoughts for today, before i head to my tutorial, is this:

Passion, left unattended, will fade into the mundane rhythm of mere existence. Passion, focused and cultivated, will spark, ignite and flourish.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Medium: a brand of Korean Air-Dry Clay. The blue fish is of course the early Church's symbol of Christianity. The colour is achieved by mixing it with white clay.