Saturday, December 1, 2012

www.jumpingclay.blogspot will be changed!

Hi everyone! will be changed to from 2/12/12!

We look forward to an new and exciting journey with the new social enterprise which we have recently started. We are a social enterprise who employs people with disabilities to give them gainful employment. That's our mission. And we need your support! Thanks!

Faceoff beween King of Pigs and Red Angry Bird

So you think you know a lot about Angry Birds? Here's some interesting facts, from

1.Angry Birds was made by a team of four people and took eight months to finish because it was such a low priority for the company.
2.The game cost less than £70,000 to make.
3.Angry Birds fans include public figures as diverse as David Cameron, Paul Gascoigne, Kylie Minogue, Conan O’Brien and Jon Hamm, Mad Men’s Don Draper.
4.It has sold more than seven million copies on Apple’s iPhone.
5.After the raving red hot game, the Angry Bird Space is launched as a paid version.
6.Rovio Mobile developed more than 50 games, with relatively little success, before finally striking gold with Angry Birds.
7.The Angry Birds beta for Android hit more than one million downloads in three weeks.
8.Twenty different Angry Birds toys will be released early in 2011.
9.Peter Vesterbacka, Rovio's official spokesman, has the job title 'Mighty Eagle’.
10.Speaking of unusual titles, one of Rovio's game testers was nicknamed the 'Rovio Killer' because he was so bad at their games.

It's one the games which i consider highly innovative!

Friday, November 30, 2012


We are so proud of our social enterprise. Thanks to the generosity of Angela Kong who collaborated with us to do this at an unbelievably record-breaking time! Pro Bono!

Our beneficiary are the special needs - We focus on the special
needs individual ('i') We assess their strengths and train them; we give them opportunities - then they give back to the organisation. ('O') When that happens, there'll be a smile on our faces!

And that's precisely what THECREATIVECLAYCO Stands for!

Meet our new staff!

Meet our staff! Joycelin (picture, right) joined THECREATIVECLAYCO. as a clay craft apprentice as she has a passion for clay craft.

Joycelin says: "Arts have been my burning passion since childhood and making clay art and painting them gives me great joy and contentment.

I Joined Society for the Physically Disabled in 2010 to take up the IT Apprenticeship Programme then later the Techwerkz Pro
gramme. I want to bless others in my clay arts and sell to them to our customers."

When you buy our handmade clay craft, please know that part of the proceeds go to the training and development of our special needs staff.

Say Hi to Joyceline when you see her :-)

We use many varieties of air-dry clay as we are constantly innovating :-)


Hi Everyone! We have recently registered a new company, a social enterprise, under this name THECREATIVECLAYCO. We have considered a long while to do this. Why? We figured: "Why just slog to meet the double-bottomline? Happiness is not just dependent on making money. Why not involve the less priviledged in our quest to return something back to society?"

Thus the birth of THECREATIVECLAYCO. We aim to benefit people with disabilities by employing them, training them to use air-dry clay to create beautiful art objects for sale. This will generate income for themselves. In this way, they have gainful employment, get training in lifeskills and in the process become self-confident.

This, we feel, is very much aligned to our government's aim of creating opportunities for the less priviledged in Singapore.We feel very much that this is not just a commercial strategy but deep down inside us, we want to do this. So we need your support as well. The special needs staff will learn workplace communication skills and other relevant skills which will enable and empower them to be effective contributors in the Singapore workforce.

On 2/12/2012, our blog will be changed to THECREATIVECLAY.BLOGSPOT.COM to reflect the change in our business identity.

Will we survive in this cut-throat industry? We think so! Firstly, we are versatile with many types of air-dry clay. We started out with the Korean brand but the price started to increase astronomically. At the same time, so many varieties of air-dry clay emerged in the market.

Secondly, we believe innovation is surpreme in the art and craft industry, just like in any area of business. The real innovation is not hiding behind patents and sueing people who infringe them. True innovation is in one's brains. I quote Dr Ting Choon Meng, HealthStats International CEO, who has 80 patents to his name. More importantly, he's a doctor with a heart - his inventions tackle the scourge of diabetes, one of the main killers here in sweet Singapore (no pun intended).

I quote him in today's Straits Times - Opinion Page, A37. He says: " In research institutes, the KPI tends to be filing patents. To them, IP equals patents and patents equals IP. This could not be further from the truth. Look at Coca-Cola. Its recipe, a trade secret, is kept inside the safe. Imagine if it filed a patent, the whole world would know what Coca-Cola is made of. You need an IP strategy, which means thinking of the business model, then working backwards to decide what to do - to file, not file, keep secret, brand, whatever.

The second thing about IP is that everybody thinks we file a patent, have the product we can sell, then protect it, enforce it and sue infringers. But that is a very low form of IP. The highest form is in the licensing of IP. That means i don't even need to make products; the IP is the product."

That's space-age thinking for all of us.

Thirdly, we will survive because we are not a big organisation. We are still a small fry who aims to do good. In our case - we help people with disabilities. It is not a business strategy per se. It's a human condition which we want to see met. Big businesses are only concerned about profits - however necesary they might be. Big people take a big hammer and hammer smaller people with a mallet. They also take time to change and adapt. Usually they do not have time to innovate, be creative, learn how to work and emphatise with the less fortunate. For organisations who do not speak the international language - which is still English, add in 5-10 more years for them to innovate.

Whatever, the case may be, we have moved on from using one type of clay to the dynamic use of many types of clay to suit different types of clay works. What's more important is that we want to help people with disabilities by giving them opportunities. That's why we need your support!

One More Thing: Please LIKE us on Facebook!

Thank you and we look forward to an exciting start in our social enterprise, THECREATIVECLAYCO

Monday, November 26, 2012

Children's Art Camp!

These excited children were so happy to find out they were going to learn how to make a snowman wearing a scarf and the red angry bird! Their faces tell the story satisfaction and happiness :-)