Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Have you done the conventional teambuilding programmes? Have you organised teambuilding for your organisation retreats where you prayed that it would never ever rain (because all activities were outdoors?) Have you done all these activities - the hula hoops,the ropes, the blindfolds, the coloured balls; the wooden skis,?

Well, The Creative Clay Challenge (TM) is a totally new Teambuilding Programme by PEAK PARADIGM, owned by Leonard's Clay Creations --- It's totally NEW!

This can be a half-day or full-day corporate teambuilding programme.
Your learning outcomes are:
1. Effective and Integrative Sharing of resources lead to better ROIs.
2. Working as a team versus working in Silos
3. What will be your future organisation like? (Envisioning Activities)
4. Team Mediation (using clay to surface team issues)
5. Change Management
6. O.D. Scenarios

It is guranteed FUN or your money back!!!