Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Playing with AIR-DRY CLAY is GOOD for YOU!

When a child is given a piece of clay, he or she instinctively squashes, kneads, pokes and presses it. It is a wholesome and fun activity. Our air-dry clay is safe, non-flaking and non-toxic. Very simply, they dry by itself. It also leaves no mess (parents and teachers are happy with this!)

There are so many benefits of playing with clay:
1. It improves one’s gross and fine motor skills.
2. It helps one to be observant.
3. It improves one’s left and right brain functions.
4. It improves one’s self-esteem
5. In addition, shaping air-dry clay into shapes and figurines that one likes is
a fun, all-weather activity fit for all ages!!!

In a one-hour session, the child makes a few items which he or she will be able to bring home. All materials will be provided. It is enjoyable!
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Let the FUN begin!

Know Our Heritage Food Series 2 and 3

Hi everyone! Our Know the Heritage Food Series is officially over! The responses were good! If it interests you, we will put up 2 and 3. Let you guess!

Series 2: Which is the CLAY Belly Button Biscuit?
Series 3: Which is the CLAY Ang Ku Kueh?