Monday, November 21, 2011

My Biggest Project Horse & Updates

It has been a month since my last post! The reason? I have been struggling with many things of varying challenges, and one small pebble is the blog and FB updates. I was pondering for a looong while about the possibility of shutting down; or rather, MIGRATING my clay blog to FB. However, i realise through experience that there is a place for blogs after all, and one big reason is that i don't think FB postings are meant to be like blog posts. So, yes, i am back online again. Moreover, I have my PEAK PARADIGM Business website plus blog which i need to update also. Check out what i do: and my FB page:!/peakparadigm

Well, to play catch up slowly, i want to update you on the largest and most challenging piece to date: My horse. It has undergone three changes of colour, after some wear and tear from transporting from exhibition to exhibition.

This colour change also carries a spiritual theme: Man was the owner of all created things and he was the resident owner of the Garden. He was pure. (white) Then, of course, sin entered via the Serpent and the First and original couple was kicked out of Paradise. (Black). All creations then lived under the Curse until prophesy pointed to and was fulfilled in the Messiah, Jesus. We are wood, covered in GOLD.

Now this latest colour - GOLD- sits nicely in my study ;-)