Sunday, January 4, 2009

Educating with Love & Encouragement II

What was your feeling when you received a certificate for doing something really well? Good, wasn't it? For certificate collectors, it is a bonus as they see the collection expanding in their clear-holders. Parents, you can use certificates to encourage your children for tasks done well. Check out this URL for many Microsoft Word editable templates.

School has started for the year 2009 and many parents are either back into the routine of preparing their beloved offspring for school, lessons, enrichment classes; or creating a functional, workable routine which works well with the caregivers - parents, domestic help, father-in-law, mother-in-law, even neighbours. Routines, however necessary and secure they may be, might turn out into a boring rigmarole. Use certificates to brighten up their schooldays. For example, you are at your office when you call your mother-in-law or teacher and learn from them that your child has returned a wallet to the General Office. You visit the website and print out yor child's name on the relevant certificate and before dinner, announce to everybody that there will be a ceremony to award someone special for a good deed. Then take out the certificate and see the surprise and love on the child's face.

Having these templates and for special meaningful occasions do wonders for your children. And your relationship with them.

Educating With Love and Encouragement

Managing CLAY and managing children have a lot of similarities. one, you need to know what the clay is made of. You have to handle it. This includes stretching, throwing, coiling and other things you do to clay. It would be good to know the level of moisture, the malleability, the resistance level, and only then can you explore its potential.

You also have to, very importantly, do what you desire with the amount of material you have and fashion it when it is moist. Why? Because when it hardens, sorry man, you have to live with the outcome.

Doesn't that ring a bell for parents? We have to know the personality type of our children and see the best-fit teaching and communication style for them. Parenting is like clay, trial and error and we need to do hands-on so that we know what is the best time to teach, encourage and to chastise - "Teachable Moment" is the term. Once we know the substance of our children, then we can fashion something out of them. This is how GOd fashion us as well, for we remember that He is the POTTER and we are the clay.

But most of all, when I do clay, i do it out of love and passion. Only then will i feel satisfied with the outcome.