Wednesday, March 2, 2016

2016 Will be Our Best Year Yet!

Hi everyone! Wow! it has been 3 years since we last posted! Just when anyone thought we had gone into hibernation. No!!! We have been working hard to make this whole meaningful venture sustainable, starting with one. One life.
To sum up: Well, it's worth it. There are so many words, so little time. But we will start off 2016 with the reason for our existence. Two testimonials which we believe more than account for our 3 years of blog absence.

The first testimonial comes from Madam Asmah, the Employment Support Specialist from SPD

"...Joycelin has been working with The Creative Clay Company since 2012.
Joycelin used to be a timid person with low self-confidence. Ever since she joined The Creative Clay Company starting off as an apprentice, Joycelin has gained an eye for detail in her work. Besides gaining financial independence, Joycelin’s physical dexterity has also greatly improved. Joycelin is more confident and independent now. She is also very proud with her work and has better self esteem compared to when she started.

The Creative Clay Company, with their strong belief in PWDs, has helped Joycelin improve her life and life values. The Creative Clay Company has been very supportive and never fails to give encouragement on her work. This is an achievement that not a lot of organizations have achieved."

Thank you Madam Asmah for your encouragement.

And a heartfelt word from Joycelin herself:

"My Journey with The Creative Clay Co. has been a life-changing experience for me. I've learnt as an apprentice in clay arts that i have to be teachable and an open heart to learn and to have mature trust toward my mentor. Even if you've been corrected or scolded by your mentor, it is ok because it's just makes me stronger. Because the leader who corrected me is the person who truly believe in me even if i fail a thousand times or have some form of learning disabilities. I also do my best to be happy because Joyful people create joyful art :)

In Clay Art I need to be Accurate, Consistent and Fast; and I will achieve this when I practice and put my heart and soul to it. I also have to be open to feedback by my teacher and coach, Mr Leonard, as well as my customers.

As I get to know and learn from The Creative Clay Co. (Mr. Leonard), I also got to know him in person. Through this professional and caring mentor-apprentice relationship, the fear of male-mentors just slowly went away and healing began to take place. Now I am healed by God’s grace of anti-social and fears of man-mentor.

Clays heals and break barriers. Clay arts is a universal language that only the artist can understand yet when it’s shared around it’s a masterpiece to be inspired. :)"

Hopefully these testimonials have enabled us to be accountable for our 3 years of online blog absence.

Here's to 2016! Fom the founder, leonard:
"2016 will be challenging, on the training front. However, i remember that in al things that there must be trials in order to have testimonies. So we courageously press on to give you the best quality handmade clay craft which are unique to us!"