Saturday, December 8, 2012


Hi Everyone! We are promoting our 100% uniquely handmade clay products over this period of two weeks! Hurry down to our store at
For now, we give you an offer which we JUST rolled out!
A picture tells a thousand words and so we'll let the pictures tell you!
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Friday, December 7, 2012

Have you visited our Store Yet?

Thecreativeclayco's online shop took the founder two years plus to envision. After spending seven years playing with air-dry clay and teaching it to children, young people and adults, we have decided to showcase it in an online store.

We want this to be part of our grander vision of providing opportunities to the less privileged - specifically people with disabilities. Managing double bottomline? Thriple bottomline? It's really challenging. When we mean challenging, we mean more than the usual challenges: Besides the 4Ps, we have the social mission - the HR policies, and the need to rise up to the marketplace competition - stiff competition in the face of rising inflation and weak growth, to do well AND to do good.

And we don't want people to buy from us out of sympathy; and I believe our PWD staff don't want that either. We want every customer to buy from us because there's a need to be filled, a demand to be met, and a product that can attract. In other words, we want people to appreciate the 100% hand-made products as a thing to be appreciated.

What's the road ahead? We don't know. But we will do our best to make it a good company that stands out from the crowd, not just in Singapore but also in Asia and the rest of the world.

We are focusing on Scalability, Sustainability and Sociability. We will also try to provide integration of the PWDs with the rest of the company staff and to make ourselves a truly barrier-free organisation.

In the recent Social Enterprise conference, these words, said by someone, still rings in my ears: What separates one human being to another is OPPORTUNITIES.

We want mre opportunities and we will work very hard to create opportunities for ourselves and for our less privileged staff.

Will you give us and yourself an opportunity to make their lives better?

Buy from us.

Make this Christmas a more meaningful one for yourself by patronising us, a social enterprise that provide opportunities for ourselves and the people with disabilities. We know that this term PWD is actually not very accurate.

It should PWO - People With Opportunities.

Have a joyful and meaningful Christmas.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Up Close and Personal - Joycelin

Joycelin joined Peak Paradigm and Thecreativeclayco as a clay craft apprentice. Her Cerebral Palsy caused her to be unable to walk. But boy, her hands can surely do clay handiwork!

She will be packing, later producing handicraft for sale. She is seen here receiving her first day gift - a set of clay tools. We appreciate her joyful and can-do spirit!

We asked Joycelin to tell us her story:

Joycelin Toh’s Story

Engaging with art and craft has been my burning passion since childhood, especially clay art. Clay art making and painting gives me great joy and contentment. I’ve made many pieces to give to friends and others during birthdays or other seasons. My friends love it and say it’s beautiful.

I have participated in art competitions and some of my art work has been displayed around Singapore. In one competition when I was with the Spastic Children’s Association School, we entered a team competition to decorate a big starfish and we won first Prize.

I went to two Special Schools – Asia Women’s Welfare Association School (AWWA) and Spastic’s Children Association School (SCAS). In my two special schools teachers taught me how to do art and craft and enjoy doing arts from then on I fell in love with art.

Besides art, I have also participated in other competitions like swimming and horse-riding. All these competitions helped me to gain more confidence, courage, joy and boldness in life.

I graduated from Spastic Children’s Association School in 2010 and joined Society for the Physically Disabled (SPD) in July 2010 to take up the IT Apprenticeship Programme. Later on I went onto the Techwerkz Programme, learning data entry skills.

I joined Peak Paradigm in December 2012 through the help of my Job Placement Officers. I want to do my best and bless others in my clay art as I sell to them to our customers.

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Today marks the start of our new social enterprise blog,! We employ people with disabilities as clay craft artists, administrative and other positions with the aim of empowering them and giving them opportunities. All of us need opportunities and that's why we see fit to start a social enterprise.

We need your support! Our online retail store will be opened very soon and we hope that you will like our 100% handmade clay handicraft and buy them for use and enjoyment.

We will be making more announcements very soon.

Thank you!