Monday, December 3, 2012

Up Close and Personal - Joycelin

Joycelin joined Peak Paradigm and Thecreativeclayco as a clay craft apprentice. Her Cerebral Palsy caused her to be unable to walk. But boy, her hands can surely do clay handiwork!

She will be packing, later producing handicraft for sale. She is seen here receiving her first day gift - a set of clay tools. We appreciate her joyful and can-do spirit!

We asked Joycelin to tell us her story:

Joycelin Toh’s Story

Engaging with art and craft has been my burning passion since childhood, especially clay art. Clay art making and painting gives me great joy and contentment. I’ve made many pieces to give to friends and others during birthdays or other seasons. My friends love it and say it’s beautiful.

I have participated in art competitions and some of my art work has been displayed around Singapore. In one competition when I was with the Spastic Children’s Association School, we entered a team competition to decorate a big starfish and we won first Prize.

I went to two Special Schools – Asia Women’s Welfare Association School (AWWA) and Spastic’s Children Association School (SCAS). In my two special schools teachers taught me how to do art and craft and enjoy doing arts from then on I fell in love with art.

Besides art, I have also participated in other competitions like swimming and horse-riding. All these competitions helped me to gain more confidence, courage, joy and boldness in life.

I graduated from Spastic Children’s Association School in 2010 and joined Society for the Physically Disabled (SPD) in July 2010 to take up the IT Apprenticeship Programme. Later on I went onto the Techwerkz Programme, learning data entry skills.

I joined Peak Paradigm in December 2012 through the help of my Job Placement Officers. I want to do my best and bless others in my clay art as I sell to them to our customers.

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