Saturday, January 2, 2010

A new year, a new board (game)

A new year is a physical reminder that the old is past and the new is here. It is a chance to metaphorically speaking, write afresh on a new piece of paper. It is also not unlike a game board that has no designs - we write it ourselves. So how we write it depends on our wisdom, experience and how situations are presented to us. I hope 2010 is a year of greater listening to God.

To all my friends - Have a great year ahead and i hope to your board is filled with wisdom, joy and peace!

Farewell 2009; Welcome 2010

Good morning, yesterday
You wake up and time has slipped away
And suddenly it's hard to find
The memories you left behind
Remember, do you remember

The laughter and the tears
The shadows of misty yesteryears
The good times and the bad you've seen
And all the others in between
Remember, do you remember
The times of your life (do you remember)....

I play Paul Anka's song in the recesses of my ever-present consciousness as i look back at 2009. I thank God that 2009 was a year of possibilities and lessons learnt. I also learnt that i can construe an opportunity as a possibility but only with the Inner Peace will the opportunity be touched and sanctioned by God - Otherwise it is just a human possiblity. In other words, with a positive paradigm one can see any event as an opportunity but with the Inner Peace from God, one can sense and sieve out an opportunity from a God-provided one - one that brings all glory back to God.

A walkthrough in 2009

Air-Dry Clay Workshops

My 1st flour schnauzer

Nice people whom i got to know

Projects done