Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Creative Clay Conversation

The Creative Clay Conversation is an original programme conceptualised by Leonard Kok, an experienced corporate trainer and senior facilitator of more than 10 years. A specialist in effective communication strategies, Leonard spent more than 6 years of facilitating and teaching air-dry clay to organisations in the private and public sectors.

The Creative Clay Conversation is based on the learning theory of Constructionism, which means that one learns through personal discovery of knowledge and its meaningfulness to themselves. Through the Creative Clay Conversation, participants will go through the process of self-discovery through expressing their thoughts, feelings and attitudes in creating clay artifacts that they can identify with. What we learn in the process of making things that we care about sinks much deeper into our belief system.

In this fun all-weather teambuilding activity, participants make colourful clay pieces which serve as metaphors to describe themselves, their organization and relationship with their colleagues. The session will include many creative and impactful experiential, hands-on, minds on, clay activities which engage the whole being and therefore produce honest and meaningful conversations -- conversations that bond the team.

The learning outcomes include:

1. Change Management
2. Team Vision
3. Team Envisioning
4. Infusing Corporate Values
5. Teamwork
6. Leadership styles
7. Working with limited resources

The Creative Clay Conversation enables your key stakeholders to breathe life into their own creations and transpose values into the colourful clay pieces. Instead of a file containing notes that are usually filed away, your key stakeholders bring back values which are infused into the artifacts - back to their workplace! We notice that when the stakeholders are proud of the objects they have made, they display them in their work areas. What better way to imbibe the organization's values!

Trying something new!

My perspective of lifelong learning is perhaps a view that is held by many people as well - Life is a long journey. How we make of the journey is up to us: whether we want to make it a long, boring and ardous drudgery or an exciting adventure depends on our perspective on learning as we walk life's paths.

Recently, a tuition student asked me whether i could do miniature canoe paddles for her canoe team in air-dry clay. However, i felt that it would not be realistic enough as the polysynthetic effect of the clay paddle may not convey the solid and straight, symmetrical shape of the paddles. I like wood craft and i proposed wood as a medium. She agreed. This is the result. I was very proud of myself ;-)

This is my first foray into wood craft. But it would be quite a while before i venture to start a woodcraft blog XP.

Christmas Gifts and Presents

It's the season for giving and receiving. It is, of course, more blessed to give than receive. I do customised orders for a more personal touch to your Yuletide planning. Whether it is a birthday present for the birthday boy or girl this special season, there's always plenty of ideas which i can provide. See some samples!

I am a professional facilitator and i facilitate private and public companies in creative teambuilding using clay. The latest one was held in Goodwood Park Hotel.

Penguin Wonderland 2011

I just love penguins. They are cute and intelligent, and of course in my previous posts I have talked about the love for these clever creatures. This year, i have included the use of Christmas lights to make Penguin Winter Wonderland.
Making use of lights significantly increases the time taken to complete the project as arranging the lights and effects, as well as positioning them for aesthetic effect, takes time. But the satisfaction outweighs the trouble and time taken.

See the video of the lit tree on Youtube:

Have a Blessed Christmas!