Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 ~ A year of Adventure ~

2008 for me was a year of Adventure, stepping into the corporate world as a Corporate Facilitator, meeting Business leaders and corporate clients in the marketplace. Most of the time, it was an invigorating, exciting experience. Sometimes physically tiring, sometimes mentally exhausting but at the end of the programmes and facilitation, satisfaction in a job well done. I am able to sleep at night with a clear conscience that i have done a good job all round.

Through constructive and most of the time, excellent feedback, i have garnered what i think are the factors which account for the kudos:

1. Facilitate with confidence
2. Relate with Sincerity
3. Plan with seriousness
4. Manage expectations well
5. Deliver Fun
6. Practise Safety
7. Focus on the Objectives
8. Walk the ground
9. Work as a Team
10. Take care of yourself
11. Don't forget your family
12. Always Claim on the promises of GOD

Here's to 2009 - THE BEST IS YET TO BE!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's TIME to Move On, Brother!

The Rat Year is almost over. What did it bring for you? Well, it brought for me a lot of important lessons, the fundamental one being GOD is in Control of EVERY situation; and GOD has been faithful in every single of those challenging circumstances.

What will the year of the OX / COW / BULL bring for you? I certainly hope it's not a whole lot of B**S^#! But whatever it is , the best is yet to be!!! Cheers!