Friday, November 16, 2012

Starfish on a pebble

This is done for a very special occasion - the wedding of a friend. A memorable moment :-)

Magnetic Clay Stone!

The constant need to innovate is not only an economic need - in the world of art and craft, it is also a necessity. Which is why given a conducive environment with a reflective artist, innovations do take place.

This clay 'granite stone' is magnetic! The magnet is embedded in the clay. So, this artistic work is now a practical desk-top stationery! Check also at this URL for more innovative works:

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Exhibition and Workshop

November 8, 2012. I was at the Pit Building. The F1 race was over but i was there to facilitate a workshop as a volunteer. This is the collaboration between me and another Social Enterprise, Social Change in Action. The audience? Young people. They enjoyed themselves! And so many wanted to buy the green pig but it was not for sale. Sorry :-)

Calm and Balance

Black and white is an extremely powerful combination. When these two colours are managed well in air dry clay form, the results are satisfying. Here, they look like granite stones.