Friday, January 8, 2010

Preparing your air-dry clay for sculpting

The new year is a good time for taking up a new hobby. Why not try clay? You just need a piece of ordinary plastic board, a pack of air-dry clay (featured here is a good brand called Jovi), and some water. It's a wholesome activity which the entire household can indulge in. You can spend a few good hours over a weekend sculpting something that you like, let it dry over Saturday and paint it on Sunday!

Throwing the clay is a good way to prepare your clay, which is just taken fresh out of the wrapper, for use. However, managing Jumping Clay is slightly different. As Jumping Clay has synthetic qualities, you need to remove the creases by rolling it. See the two videos on how to manage the two different types of clay.

Throwing the moist clay

Rolling Jumping Clay