Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Family Vacation ~ Bangkok ~ August 08

My two boys got their first taste of a plane flying to bring them to another destination. Bangkok was selected because of the relatively short travel time. Thank God it was a pleasant experience for them. The hotel, sights, street restaurants, shopping, cafes and hawkers and of course, the Chao Phraya river - made the stay memorable. I have always believed that it's not the number of different locations which you rush to visit which matter but the leisurely time taken to savour the delights which may crop up anytime - that makes the trip a unique one.

The MRT is a breeze there and the food experience was great. Shopping ~ Paragon is an expensive place but of course we went to the bargain places like MBK and Chatuchak. The strong Singapore currency made the purchases worthwhile.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Birthday Parties , Themed Parties, Air-Dry Clay Party!!!

Having a memorable birthday party means coming up with some great birthday party ideas. If you are having a birthday party for your child or anyone who is a child at heart, you will want to plan it to be fun and exciting! Birthday parties are a great excuse to meet friends and family and enjoy a day of laughter and smiles. Having some basic plans for the day, will make in not only go smoothly, but it will allow the planner time to enjoy themselves as well.

How about an Air-Dry Clay party? We provide ALL the materials and clay plus a gift for the birthday boy or girl and a goodie bag for all children on board! Sounds cool? Let me tell you more...It is not messy at all because the clay is not oil-based (unlike some children's toy dough)and it does not require a kiln to fire (no electricity wasted). PlUS it does not require water (no extra water bills). It does not flake after it is dried either so it's neat...the only mess you need to clear are the catering boxes for food and the cake boxes plus some drink spills ;-)

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