Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Coffee Culture !!!

Coffee and wine were two things which i did more research as i like drinking these two beverages. However, in order to remain sober and sane, over the years, i have chosen the way of the coffee. Drinking wine is still an enjoyable and leisurely thing to do but i don't do this everyday. Coffee - oh, that's a different thing altogether. I must have at least two to three shots everyday. And my knowledge has improved. There's a very informative chart which will help any enthusiast. Now that i have a fully automatic coffee-maker i am still keeping my 15-bar steamer / expresso maker. Thinking about the crema is just pure exhilaration!

graphic taken from

Cycling through park connectors

I definitely believe in putting my best foot in my working life. It gives me satisfaction at the end of each working day. People who have worked for years, especially those who have done both - in the public and private sectors - will testify that it is not just the money, period.

It is the passion for the things one believe in and part of it includes doing the task well, even though the sentiments about doing that particular task is sometimes like, pardon the expression - "doing the damn thing." People who share my sentiments will still say - "do the damn thing WELL!"

After work, there is of course the things that one indulge in to balance the life. Recently, i began to explore the park connectors.(Thus little time to reply to some of my clients and fans... sorry) My verdict? You need to be quite fit to carry your bicycle over the overhead pedestrain bridges to access the park connectors (PCN). Like the one from Bishan to Kallang Riverside Park. According to the measurement done by NParks, the distance is 7.6 km. To enjoy this ride, you will have to take 3 overhead bridges - the longest one being the one at St Andrews Village leading to the Whampoa side.

Of course if your are fit enough and game enough, you might like to get a bicycle that is made of aluminium (light) so that you can lug it across these bridges. I have a foldable aluminium one which looks like the one featured here. It allows me to bring it into the MRT as well. NParks has so nicely put this entire journey from Bishan to Kallang Riverside Park onto Youtube. Watch it here in its full 3mins+ glory plus nerve-soothing, muscle-relaxing music. Nice! Total distance for the round trip? 15.2 km. Can surely burn a few hundred calories off! Enjoy!