Saturday, April 4, 2009

Panda and Rabbit

One day, Da Ming, a healthy, well-fed giant baby panda was minding his own business, drinking his own milk from a milk bottle sponsored by a popular milk bottle company when out of the blue hopped in a pink rabbit.

Xiao Tian, as this hyperactive pink rabbit is called,wanted to play.

But seeing that the silently satisfied panda, wrapped in a bright red diaper fastened by a little white safety pin, was not responding to his hyper pink invitation, the over-eager Xiao Tian hopped high up an apple tree and seeing that it did not produce any response, not even any hairline motion, landed on Da Ming's cute white head!!!

One would think that this display of a hyper jump and uncalled-for landing by an eager rabbit would startle anyone, particularly a baby panda, which is peace-loving and taught from young to shush and eat without noise.

What will happen next? Tune in next time in this exciting episode of The Playful Rabbit.