Sunday, January 30, 2011

Clay Parties and Family Bonding Sessions

LOOKING for a fun and photo-memorable time for your kiddos? Where everyone is engaged in a healthy activity? Try CREATIVE CLAY PARTIES!
Air-Dry Clay dries by itself and produces absolutely no mess, is healthy for the mind and promotes devlopment of gross and fine motor skills.
What each child will do during the party:

* Introduction to the Creative Clay
* Learning the basic shapes to produce endless possibilities for themselves
* Each child will create their own name using the clay
* Learm what it means to work as a team to create the UNFORGETTABLE birthday gift for the birthday boy or girl!

The Cost for 1.5 hours of fun and healthy activity?
Only $24 (for a party of at least 10 young persons)
$30 (Logistics / Transport fee)
Cost includes clay, tools and other accessories.

Contact Leonard at 96625929.

"It's FUN!" ~ Cephas, 6 years old
"It's super fun! Thank you!" ~ The girls of RGPS
"I love the penguins and the things that i can bring home!" ~Pushpa
"Thank you so much to see them engaged! We will have more of these workshops in future!" ~ Principal of a Special School

It's FUN!