Thursday, July 26, 2012


It's a special day for me as i celebrate my birthday. Sashimi is one if my favourites and of course a Jap restaurant is necessary. Well just to see how close are my color-mixing with the real deal, i brought along my clay sushi to the nice and cosy restarant. See whether you can spot the clay sushi. Cheers!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

All things Singapore - The MERLION

Undoubtedly, this is a symbol which every tourist will associate with Singapore. Half-fish and half-lion, this mythical legend has long become an icon of Singapore. This 15cm-high piece is commissioned by a government agency and i wanted it to look friendly. The original sculpture sited at the Singapore River has 4 canine and it looks majestic. With the majesty comes respectable dignity and it looks somewhat serious and fierce. So, i did not attach the canine and i added a benign smile on the face. The colourful mane represents the multicultural nature and dynamism of our society. It sits on a base of marbled waves. I also used clear, flat marbles to add highlight to the sculpture. There is a thin stick joing the base and the Merlion which i used as an armature to prop up the vertical sculpture. As in all clay sculptures using Paulinda Clay, designs are not etched on it. but rather imprinted in it, which means using any kind of tools or objects to leave an impression on the clay. The scales of the Fish's body is imprinted using a rounded tool, which created circular designs. This is a piece which i am able to do for any organisation.

The King of Fruits - The Durian

This is the season for this fruit - the durian - the KING of all fruits. It is said that you either will love or hate it. For me, it is an exotic fruit with different flavours, depending on which type you buy. I simply love it. But the FROG selling durians here in Singapore! This is ORIGINAL! One and only! The two Chinese characters roughly mean "Guaranteed Good!"